The Selected Works of Arne Naess

The Foundation for Deep Ecology conceived and funded this monumental project to collect, revise, and publish some sixty years of writing by one of the most radical and sagacious philosophers of the twentieth century, thereby bringing the full range of Naess’s work to contemporary English-speaking audiences. Arne Naess’s philosophical discourses—especially his ecophilosophical writings—are among the most important works on environmental and social ethics of the last fifty years. Countless writers, thinkers, philosophers, and activists have been influenced by his ideas, although they are often unaware of the source of the influence. Born in Oslo in 1912, Naess was a philosopher, mountaineer, and environmental activist who is perhaps best known for his characterizations of the “deep, long range” and the “shallow” ecology movements. Naess compares the shallow movement with band-aid patches or reforms that ultimately fail to address the philosophical, social, and political roots of the ecological crisis. Conversely, the deep ecology movement stresses the importance of addressing the fundamental causes of the crisis. Under the editorial direction of Professor Harold Glasser, Naess’s works were updated and adapted to meet contemporary standards for philosophical publishing. The ten-volume collection covered a huge landscape of philosophical discourse and social thought, including the philosophy of science, empirical semantics, skepticism, Gandhi and Spinoza, peace studies, democracy, and environmentalism.

Contributors: Harold Glasser, Series Editor; Alan Drengson, Associate Editor; with a preface by Bill Devall and George Sessions.

Published by Springer, The Netherlands, 2005.