Perito Moreno National Park

Glacier-carved peaks. Panoramic grasslands. Lakes rimmed with gnarled trees. Perito Moreno National Park is primeval Patagonia at its most dramatic—a place where adventurous travelers may immerse themselves in the region’s iconic natural splendor and legendary Patagonia wind.

Among the longest-established yet least known national parks in Patagonia, the park—named in honor of Argentina’s beloved early explorer and conservationist Francisco “Perito” Moreno—remains a wild stronghold in a world where untrammeled nature has grown increasingly rare. In 2013 the park was expanded by some 37,000 acres via a gift of land by Douglas Tompkins and the Conservation Land Trust to the Argentine national park system.

In Perito Moreno National Park, photographer Antonio Vizcaíno captures the sublime beauty of this world-class protected area. Complementing Vizcaíno’s photography are essays by experts on park history, the Patagonia region, and Perito Moreno’s storied life and conservation legacy. Like the towering peaks of Andean Patagonia, Perito Moreno National Park invites the reader to come closer, and to experience—through photos and text that capture its wild spirit—this untamed and alluring landscape.

Contributors: Photography by Antonio Vizcaíno; essays by Claudio Bertonatti, Adolfo Fabricio Del Castillo, Eduardo Ramilo, Alejandro Serret, Rafael Smart, Douglas Tompkins, Emily Wakild, and Antonio Vizcaíno.

Published in English and Spanish editions by the Conservation Land Trust in partnership with Goff Books, © 2014 (