Yendegaia National Park

Since early European mariners brought back accounts of the region’s ferocious weather, dramatic terrain, and supposedly giant native people, Tierra del Fuego has held an outsized grip on the popular imagination. Now, Yendegaia National Park offers a visually spectacular introduction to this last great wilderness at the uttermost part of the Earth.

Established in 2014, the new park was prompted by a donation of private land on the grand island of Tierra del Fuego to the Chilean national park system. Covering roughly 372,000 acres between existing parks in Chile and Argentina, Yendegaia National Park helped create a globally significant transboundary protected area.

With outstanding photography and essays by experts on regional ecology, Patagonia history, and the new park’s birth story, Yendegaia National Park is a landmark volume about an iconic landscape. During multiple expeditions in various seasons, photographer Antonio Vizcaíno recorded the harsh beauty of Yendegaia, where glacier-carved peaks, untamed rivers, windblown steppe, and Earth’s southernmost forests combine to create a biologically unique landscape. For both armchair adventurers and intrepid travelers planning a trip to Chile, Yendegaia National Park invites readers to experience one of the planet’s most remote and wild places.

Contributors: Photography by Antonio Vizcaíno; essays by Sebastián Piñera Echenique, Douglas Tompkins, Nícolo Gligo Viel, Hernán Mladinic Alonso, Santiago Valdés Gutiérrez, Adriana Hoffmann Jacoby, and Antonio Vizcaíno.

Published in English and Spanish editions by the Conservation Land Trust in partnership with Goff Books, © 2015 (